Enterprise Output Management

Crawford Technologies has been providing the fastest data transform, and most efficient data re-engineering / post compositions tools to enable our customers to solve complex customer communication challenges. With best of breed solutions for printing, archiving, QA, workflow management and omni-channel delivery, Crawford Technologies can ensure that you are in control of your critical customer communication.

PRO Conductor

World class integration platform, complete automation of every step of your Customer Communications Management (CCM) workflow, increasing quality, improving operational performance, providing much needed visibility, while reducing cost.

PDF Accelerator

Delivers production class performance, enhancing all PDF workflows, easily configurable and flexible, provides world-class cutting-edge optimization capabilities for the processing of large PDF files.

Print Stream Conversion

CrawfordTech provides the fastest, most flexible and accurate print stream conversion products to convert existing print streams, delivering superior output fidelity and leading system performance.

Operations Express

Adds flexibility to any print and mail operation. Operations Express employs advanced automation to leverage your existing production print streams to streamline print production, mail insertion, and mail room operations, lowering your costs and increase operational productivity inexpensively, and rapidly.


eDeliveryNow® preferences is an easy to deploy API based solution that enables companies to meet their customers’ communication expectations by capturing, recording and maintaining their ongoing preferences for physical and/or eDelivery, multi-channel & or Omni Channel preferences including accessible document delivery.

PRO Designer

Family of Graphical User Interface (GUI) products that increases the value of the CrawfordTech products by enabling a wider range of capabilities, access, and efficiencies, to support a complete Automated Document Factory (ADF) solution.

Review and Release

Holds and Pulls and other unwanted documents can be eliminated from print files before they go to the print device, saving manual pulls and or print errors.

QA Suite

Built on the sophisticated system that we use for our own regression testing so it is purpose built for document QA.

PRO Inkjet Express

Flexible and scalable solution, that can migrate existing processes without re-creating existing print streams or reengineering ongoing production workflows to provide the fastest most flexible deployment in the industry.

PRO Production Manager

Designed for end-to-end workflow design, management and reporting within any high-volume transactional or print-on-demand (POD) production environment.

PRO Workflow

Family of products that simplifies complex transactional workflows, with PRO WorkFlow JES and PRO WorkFlow Server products you can easily automate, manage, and enhance your mainframe and server-based workflows.

PRO Dynamic Document Archive

Robust archive solution enables storage of print streams in their native format and provides quick retrieval and presentment in a wide variety of output formats.

Crawford Technologies provides leading edge Enterprise Output Management (EOM) products and solutions to your customer communications challenges.

From transforming data streams, enhancing data through post-composition, manipulation of print files to enable connectivity to additional systems, printers, or electronic delivery services:

Flexible, fast, and accurate print stream conversions, Support for all standard input and output formats

Enterprise Application Integration Engine, Enterprise dashboard with SLA monitoring, Interactive review, and approval

Automate print and mail room processes, Reengineer and manipulate existing print streams with a GUI based designer