Enterprise Content Services

Crawford Technologies Content Services provide business with utility-based components used to process content with:

Intelligent Content Capture

Enables IT managers to capture application generated print streams at scale and transform it into meaningful operational digital content.

Flexible Retrieval

Gives administrators and employees their choice of applications, custom portals or digital workspaces using Web Services to search and retrieve content for transformation.

Sophisticated High-Volume Content Transformation

Gives enterprise architects, developers, and customer experience managers the ability to transform content into universal, readily accessible formats in real time and through batch processing at scale.

Advanced Output and Distribution Services

Provides administrators with multi-channel output and delivery of content in preferred digital formats regardless of type, location, or platform.

Automated Content Accessibility

Provides developers the utilities they need to make content perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

High-Volume Content Archiving at Scale

Gives system administrators the capability to capture and archive high-volume, application-generated, transactional content quickly, reliably and accurately.

Accurate Data Mining and Extraction

Permits employees to easily setup business rules to identify documents and data fields from which to extract and render data.

Synchronized Content Migration

Allows IT architects to deliver zero-impact to end-users when migrating content from legacy systems to new storage platforms

Crawford Technologies offers content services that deliver a unique and valuable set of products to:

Transform content to make it universally, readily accessible to customers and content-centric business processes

Migrate content from legacy systems to be archived in new storage platforms

Make content perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust